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ALL coaches must FIRST obtain their USAB gold license number ( and THEN register as an adult user in the the BBCS ( BEFORE they can participate in this event. ALL athletes must be registered in the BBCS BEFORE they can participate in this event. Adult registration directions can be found on page 38 of the ECAG user manual and athlete registration directions can be found on page 31 of the ECAG user manual. Team building instructions can be found on page 45. To access the ECAG user manual, go to



Mandatory NCAA Travel Team Coach's Certification Requirements




This needs to be done by ALL Travel Team Coaches that wish to be on the sideline for NCAA Certified Events (only events where Division I College Coaches can attend).



The NCAA now has TWO parts to becoming certified to coach.  

These are needed for all NCAA certified events (April/July/September) -  so please plan accordingly to secure you and your staff's certifications.

#1 - USA Basketball - GOLD Coach Certification - MANDATORY


Until you have obtained a USAB GOLD License, you WILL NOT be able to perform any activity in the BBCS beyond creating a user account.  This mean that you WILL NOT be able to:

  • Search for other coaches or athletes;
  • Create a BENCH of participants;
  • Create a ROSTER to participate in an event; 
  • Apply to request NCAA certification of an event or league.
It will no longer be permissible for a team administrator who is not approved as a coach to enter information into the BBCS
  • To apply, go to
  • Be sure to indicate that you will participate in NCAA-certified activities on your USAB application.
  • FAILURE to identify yourself as a participant in NCAA-certified activities on your USAB application will prevent you from accessing the required COACHES/OPERATORS sections in the BBCS resulting in your inability to operate an NCAA-certified event/league or coach in an NCAA-certified event.
  • Need help? Call 1-844-562-6201 and press Option 4.

The USAB GOLD License application fee is $55 annually for US applicants and $77 for international applicants (plus additional background check fees if applicable) and will include your educational requirements AND your Verified Volunteers background check.  

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.  There are three videos you will have to watch with test at the end & the overall process of this + background check can take a minimum of 3 weeks they warn!!!

Even if you are coaching a < 13 under aged team any coach on the sideline you must follow all of these steps as well to be part of a NCAA Certified Event (only events where Division I College Coaches can attend).


North Tartan Meltdown Event Club Coach Check In:

We will be asking for you to show your USAB Gold License & another form of Photo ID. You can get your license mailed to you (it takes about 4 weeks). Once you have completed the 3 courses and the background check and you have your Gold License - In the upper right hand corner there are 3 lines click on that & then request a license.

#2 - NCAA/BBCS Team Roster/Event Opt In - MANDATORY

To use the system, you MUST have your USABGold License.  If you do not have your Gold License, go back to Step #1 above.


Coaches are responsible for ECAG manual compliance.  The ECAG manual is posted online at .  This PDF includes ECAG guidelines, legislation, and step by step instructions. This document is over 200 pages long - 



PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AS THERE ARE A NUMBER OF SERIOUS CHANGES TO THIS PROCESS.  To create an account in the BBCS, coaches must register.  Adult registration step by step instructions begin on page 38 of the manual.

  • New accounts must be created in the new BBCS: old log-in information does not work.
  • All coaches must create an account, not just the head coach.
  • All athletes must create an athlete account. 
    • Athlete flyer (print off and provide to your athletes or team parents)
    • Athlete account creation directions on page 31 of ECAG manual
  • Your username is your registration email address.
  • Passwords must contain 8 characters, upper and lower case, and a symbol (!@#$).   Passwords cannot contain a word found in the dictionary.  For example, the word "blue" is not allowed but you can do a variation on the word and it would accepted: blu, blu3, b!ue, or another variation.
  • Your password locks after three failed attempts.  Use the password reset button, do not create another account.
Team Building directions for the coach are located on page 4

of the ECAG manual.  Please note:

  • The BBCS uses a "bench" concept, which enables the coach to have a pool of available athletes and assistant coaches.
  • The coach cannot search for and invite an assistant coach to their "bench" until that assistant coach has their (1) USAB Gold license, (2) created a user account in the BBCS, and (3) been verified by the NCAA.
  • The coach cannot search for and invite themselves to their own "bench".  The coach is automatically added to the "bench".
  • The coach cannot search for and invite an athlete to their "bench" until that athlete has (1) created their account in the BBCS, (2) viewed the educational video, and (3)completed their school information on their profile.
  • The coach cannot search for and invite an athlete whose address is not consistent with the NCAA residency requirements.  Athletes from a non-adjoining state or from a different country cannot be added to the "bench".  Coaches will be required to provide documentation in advance if the athlete's residency/demographic information is flagged as questionable.
  • The coach can create multiple rosters for an event.  Once the coach opts into an NCAA-certified event, the team name, team address and roster can be added based on the athletes and coaches on the "bench".  

    If the coach has more than one team going to that event, they can opt in for a second time and enter their next team's information.