Athlete Registration QuickStart Guide

ALL athletes participating in NCAA-certified nonscholastic events MUST have an active account in the NCAA Basketball Certification System (BBCS) - Detailed step-by-step instructions are provided in the Basketball Certification User Manuals section of

All tabs on the athlete account must be COMPLETE (including document uploads when applicable) BEFORE a coach can invite the athlete to the team's bench/roster.

1. Must have an NCAA Eligibility Center (EC) first.
Beginning in 2019, a valid EC account is required to register/renew a BBCS athlete profile.

• Have an EC account already? Just enter that 10-digit ID number when registering/renewing in the BBCS.

• Don't have an account?

1. There are two types of EC accounts. If you do not already have an EC account, choose Division III or Undecided to avoid having to pay (It’s FREE!). The account can be upgraded later if needed when the athlete is closer to enrolling at a Division I or II institution.

2. Not in high school yet? When asked for your high school, select the high school you plan to attend and enter your planned start date and graduation date.

3. Once registration is complete, you will receive a 10-digit ID number. This number is needed to complete your BBCS registration/renewal.

2. Parent/Guardian Creates/Renews BBCS Account.
Coaches SHOULD NOT be creating accounts for athletes.

This reminder message appears in the BBCS and will NOT disappear: Athlete registration must be submitted by a participant of at least eighteen (18) years of age or the parent/legal guardian of any minor participant with the right submit such information on behalf of the minor

1. New users – create an account.

1. Register as a new user in the BBCS (
2. Confirm your registration by clicking the link in the autogenerated 
3. Review and confirm receipt of educational resources.
4. Enter school information.
5. Accept/Reject invitations from team coach(es). Athlete QuickStart
    Guide page

2. Previous users – login.

1. Login with the email address and password that you created the account with previously.
2. Update or edit athlete's contact information as needed on the profile tab. Be sure to check the box to the left of your current address(es) to verify those that still apply.
3. Enter the EC ID# along with the email address and password for the EC account.
4. Enter name and contact information for the athlete's Parent/Guardian. 5. Review and confirm receipt of the current year's educational resources.
6. Update or edit the School Information tab.
7. Save your profile for 2019.

3. Respond to Bench Invitation(s).
If you are playing in a non-scholastic team event, your coach will send you an invitation to add you to their bench.

1. Receive the bench invitation by email or on your alerts tab in the BBCS.
2. Go to your My Teams tab.
3. Click the accept or reject button to respond to the invitation.

Do not create MULTIPLE accounts!!
An athlete does not need and SHOULD NOT HAVE more than one account.